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Tres Amigos

Tres Amigos – DOWNLOAD

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What's hotter than two gorgeous young Latinos fucking? Three naked barebacking boys, of course! This collection brings you 12 horny guys in four different threesomes, each with its own daisy chain fuck. These threesomes get naked and suck big uncut dick, before the raw spit roast fucking begins, and it all ends with cum dripping from ass or mouth. Dedicated to the power of three, Tres Amigos is definitely a Latin lust pleaser.



Cedric, Nestor and Wilson

While this young Latin trio are hanging out the desire to play fills the room and soon everyone is stripping, kissing and groping. Nestor gets a mouth full of Cedric and soon everyone is sucking dick. The oral exchange continues until Wilson rims Nestor and slides in from behind. Then Cedric takes a turn barebacking Nestor, who is busy getting a taste of his ass off Wilson’s stiff cock. The spit roast turns into a daisy chain fuck, when Wilson moves around to put Cedric in the middle. Finally, Cedric and Wilson breed Nestor, before watching him jerk off and cum all over the bed.

Dimitri, Wilson and Alvin

We find these three cute Latin boys seated on a sofa, and once the kissing starts it isn’t long before the clothes are stripping off. Alvin takes Dimitri’s big dick in his mouth and soon everyone is getting a taste of the others uncut cock. Then it’s Alvin that ends up the meat in the middle, as Wilson slides in from behind. The raw spit roasting continues with Alvin taking a ride on Dimitri’s stiff dick. Next is a bareback daisy chain, with Dimitri in the middle and Wilson at the rear. Finally, Alvin takes a mouth full of cum from Dimitri, followed by Wilson delivering a breeding to Dimitri’s skinny Latin ass, while Alvin strokes out his load.

Felix, Allen and Mirko

Three young and horny Latinos on a bed can only go in one direction and it isn’t long before Mirko has his lips locked on Felix’s big uncut cock, and Felix leans over to service Allen. Oral turns to anal when Felix takes Mirko’s ass from behind, while he sucks on Allen’s big stiff dick. Then Mirko hops on Allen for a raw ride, while getting a taste of his own ass juices as he sucks Felix. The bareback spit roasting continues with Mirko legs in the air and Allen pumping his hole full of raw cock. A final round of fucking has Allen in the middle of a daisy chain, as Felix takes his Latin ass. The young trio brings this raw romp to an end by pumping two loads in Mirko’s mouth while he cums all over himself.

Giorgio, Colin and Evan

These three Latin boys want to play and by the time they are naked each has gotten a taste of the other’s uncut cock. The oral orgy continues until Colin takes Evan from behind, as he’s busy sucking on Giorgio’s cock. Then Evan gets a taste of his own ass, while taking a raw ride on Giorgio, who ends up the meat in the middle as the trio enjoys a bareback daisy chain fuck. Finally, Giorgio cums all over Evan, who then gets a mouth full of Colin’s warm seed. With cum dripping from his chin, Evan shoots last, as he strokes and splatters his smooth tummy.


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