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Totally Ticklish Twinks – DOWNLOAD

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Welcome to another massive Laughing Asians tickling party. Loaded with our most foot ticklish Asian boys, we invite you to let this DVD fulfill your most erotic foot tickling fantasies. Don't worry, there's plenty of body tickling too!



Argie, Vahn, Ricky

Argie is an adorable slim and toned Asian twink. So we tied him spreadeagled to the bed for some Laughing Asians tickling action. Vahn starts out one on one with cute Asian boy Argie. This being Argie’s first time, he started off resistant to letting his laughter out, but it was obvious he was very ticklish. So Vahn steps up his game. Within a minute or so, Vahn gets Argie bursting out in laughter by tickling his crotch and armpits. Then he moves down to Argie’s very cute and ticklish Asian boy feet and does some fantatic foot tickling. Argie is flailing about in hysterics. Soon Ricky joins in and the tickle team action begins. Ricky and Vahn sit at the end of the bed and tickle his feet relentlessly for a good long time. Then Ricky sits above Argie’s head and tickles his upper body while Vahn does some excellent foot tickling. Then after Ricky tickles his feet with the vibrator, they send him into hysterics for a grand finale!

Hunter, Argie, Vahn

Asian tickle boy Hunter has changed a bit during his nearly 4 year absence from Laughing Asians. Fortunately the things that really matter haven’t changed a bit. He’s just as ticklish, if not more, and he’s gotten even more hunky and sexy looking with his hot body. We strapped Hunter down on our tickling rack and released our sadistic ticklers Argie and Vahn on him. First was Argie. Hunter became instantly hysterical as Argie’s fingernails began to slither and flicker up and down his smooth brown torso and crotch. Then he went for Hunter’s incredibly hot Asian male feet. If you’re really into male feet tickling, this video will certainly make you erupt. Argie and Vahn’s foot tickling finger action is incredible, especially when dancing and flickering on such sensitive ticklish feet like that of Hunter’s. You will want to watch this one over and over again. It’s certainly one that is going to go down as top 10 greatest tickle videos in my opinion!

Julius, Ricky

Chubby Asian boy Julius returns to the tickle fetish world of Laughing Asians for a laughter filled gay tickling excursion on our tickle torture rack. It’s been a few years since we last saw this cute chubby Asian boy and he is still just as ticklish as ever! He has wonderfully ticklish male feet and so Ricky dished out a nice prolonged tickling on his cute Asian boy feet. Then we stripped him of his boxer shorts and enjoyed some naked tickling of this cutie. He has a wonderful laugh when Ricky hits those super ticklish spots.

Andrew, Vahn

Just look at this cute Asian twink. Adorable Andrew admits that he actually likes the idea of being tied down and tickled. And he proved it about halfway through this tickle torture scene when he was sporting a big boner. Vahn puts Andrew though one of his tickling sessions, and turns out Andrew was ticklish as hell!

Jordan, Vahn

Jordan’s first time with gay tickle torture fun proved to be more fun for the tickler than the ticklee. Although Jordan was pretty ticklish all over his naked Asian twink body, we got the best reactions when tickling his male feet. So naturally that’s where Vahn focused most of his energy on during this rousing gay asian tickling torture session.

Jacob, Jude

Let’s talk ticklish Asian twink. Let’s talk ticklish male feet. I mean REALLY ticklish. You know, the kind of ticklishness you dream about. We found a gay Asian twink who is every bit of that and more. No, this isn’t just a bunch of words claiming the subject of our tickle video is extremely ticklish, then you watch and they’re faking it. Laughing Asians has a reputation to uphold. It’s not called “Fake-Laughing Asians”. Introducing Jude. The most ticklish Asian twink I have ever met. The most ticklish feet I have ever seen. Enough said. Now watch those words get full back-up by watching the video. Enjoy!

CJ, Vahn, Jacob

This sexy gay Asian tickle boy started out claiming that he was a 5 on a scale of 10 in ticklishness. But Vahn and Jacob were all too eager to tickle this hottie into a 10 on the ticklish scale. CJ has really nice looking Asian male feet, and a boy next door body. Speaking of boy, you are going to love CJ’s laughter and giggling. Jacob and Vahn got this gay Asian boy up to a 10 real fast by spreading a liberal amount of lotion all over his body from neck to ticklish toes. They start tickling his feet and armpits and the octave in his laughter rose 10 points. The two ticklers put CJ through one helluva tickling session, leaving him completely exhausted and sweaty in the air conditioned room.

Felix, Ricky, Vahn

We’d like to introduce Felix, a very cute Asian gay boy who had the audacity to claim he wasn’t ticklish in the presence of Ricky, the kinky expert tickle master. If there’s one thing Ricky loves to hear, it’s “I’m not ticklish” from a cute Asian boy. Ricky has a 100% success rate of proving them wrong. So we bound this gay Asian cutie spreadeagled on the bed, and decided to break in our new feathers on his smooth thin body. The giggling was immediate as Vahn and Ricky began their tickle assault on Felix. We knew if he was giggling with feather tickling, he was going to be a barrel of fun with fingers! And he was. After driving him nuts by feathering his boy feet, I said, “fuck the feathers, tickle his feet with your fingers!” and the room filled with hysterical laughter. The relentless tickling of this gay Asian twink went on for quite a while. Vahn was tickling his feet real good while Ricky performed expert rib and armpit tickling. By the end, Felix was humble to admit he was ticklish.


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