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All of these cute Asian boys enjoy two things, golden showers and bareback sex. Warm urine spilling over their smooth naked bodies is a huge turn on for them. And when the hardcore cock sucking, ass rimming and raw butt fucking makes them thirsty, the sexy twinks pause to drink each other's piss. Nothing pleases them more than the taste and smell of urine mixed with cum, and these young men have plenty of both to go around. This is one hot collection of watersports sex scenes that will keep Asian loving piss fans happy for hours on end.



Ray and Nick

After a game of volleyball Ray and Nick have a shower together. Ray needs to pee and Nick tells him to pee in his mouth. Nick swallows it all, while he plays with his own cock. The two Asian twinks move to the bed and first spray it with their urine. Once it’s wet and smelly, Ray gives Nick an ass rimming and then fucks it with a dildo. He replaces the sex toy with his hard cock and barebacks the twink. Soon Ray has to piss again and sprays his urine all over his fuck buddy and pumps some inside Nick’s ass. After some more fucking, there’s a lot more piss going around and both boys drink several mouths full. Nick cums with Ray’s cock deep in his ass. A few moments later Ray cums, as well. He shoots his sperm all over Nick before cum fucking him one more time.

Beer and Guy

Guy’s bladder is full, so he unleashes a stream of piss into Beer’s face. Beer holds his twink friend’s dick and showers himself with the warm urine. When Guy is finished pissing, Beer licks the last drops from his dick. While Beer sucks Guy’s hard cock, Guy rims his tight hole. Then Guy wants to piss again, so Beer holds his shaft and aims the shower of yellow gold at his face, swallowing as fast as he can. Guy lowers himself onto Beer’s hard dick and takes a bareback ride. Then the boys flip and guy fucks his friend’s cute ass. Beer jerks himself, as his smooth Asian butt is pounded and squirts a load onto his smooth stomach. Guy loves the smell of cum and rams hard into Beer’s ass. Then he aims his dick at Beer’s open hole, and cums all over it.

Nevin and Sam

Asian twink Sam hooks up with Nevin and takes him back to his apartment. The boys strip naked and stroke each other’s cock and soon the two are sucking dick in a sexy 69. Sam wants to feel Nevin inside him, and lowers himself onto the twink’s hard cock. Some gentle bareback thrusts make Nevin need to piss, and he unleashes a stream of warm urine all over Sam’s back. Nevin loves the sight of piss dripping off of Sam’s slender smooth body, and rams his cock hard and deep into his raw hole. When he needs to piss again, Nevin urinates on Sam’s cock and balls, before he aims a long stream into his hole. Nevin uses the piss as lube, and drives his raw cock deep into the boy’s ass. Ready to cum, Nevin jerks himself off, and as he unloads, Sam squirts piss all over his hand and cock. Sam strokes his own hard dick and shoots his cum on Nevin’s asshole.

Sam and Guy

Sam’s eyes are shut tight and moans come from his mouth, as Guy thrusts into his tight ass. The bareback action makes the twinks need to empty their bladders. They sit opposite each other, and Sam covers his friend’s cock with urine. Guy then squirts his piss into Sam’s ass. His hole drips with urine, as Guy pushes a dildo in, easing the other end into his own cute ass and thrusting his hips to fuck Sam with the big sex toy. The boys flip and Sam pounds deep inside Guy, with furious bareback thrusts, before shooting his load onto his back. Guy follows by jerking himself off and cums on his stomach. The Asian piss lovers need to empty their bladders one more time and unleash a river of urine onto Guy’s naked body, washing the cum from his smooth stomach.

Sam and Hans

Asian boys Sam and Hans caress each other’s smooth bodies and lick one another’s hard nipples. Sam lets a long stream of urine flow over his legs and Hans’ stomach. Then the twinks rub baby oil over their naked bodies and Sam lowers himself onto Hans’s hard dick, as they begin to bareback in the piss and oil. The youth’s oil covered slender bodies slide against each other, as Hans thrusts his hard dick into Sam’s hole. The deep penetration makes Sam need to urinate again, so he pisses on Hans’ back and into his asshole. They move to the shower, where Sam sucks Hans’s cock, before taking Hans doggy style. The youths return to the piss soaked bed to continue their bareback fucking and golden showers. Empty of piss, the boys jerk themselves off and pump warm cum onto their stomachs. Covered in cum, they shower each other in warm piss.

Thomas and Johnson

These two kinky Asian boys love having bareback sex. Johnson goes down on Thomas’ cock, which makes Thomas moan with delight. Once it’s nice an hard, he lowers himself onto it and goes for an anal ride. Then Thomas needs to piss, so Johnson opens his mouth and swallows as much warm urine as he can. Relieved of his pee, Thomas stands behind his friend and drives his dick hard and deep into his tight hole. Needing to pee again, Thomas urinates over Johnson’s cock and balls, and aims a stream of piss into his sweet hole. Then he rams his cock in again, while stroking Johnson’s dick. Johnson takes hold of his cock and pumps his cum onto his smooth stomach. Johnson rubs the mixture over his skin, as Thomas unloads his cum onto Johnson’s balls. Empty of jizz, Thomas pisses over Johnson’s body, and he uses the warm urine to wash the sticky mess off of his smooth skin.

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