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Suit My Daddy

Suit My Daddy – DOWNLOAD

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This action packed collection features daddy porn stars bareback fucking their youthful cock hungry bottoms, until they are begging for release. Each knows exactly how to get his daddy rock hard and ready to fuck their young ass, with cock sucking skills an experienced top demands. In return, daddy knows a good long ass licking will get his boy ready for the butt pounding that follows. And if the bottom boy delivers good muscle control, daddy is almost sure to reward him with an ass, or mouth, full of warm and sticky man cum. If you enjoy rough trade taking young bottoms raw, this is a must have for your hardcore library!

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Travis Woods & Josh Landau

Travis Woods is looking to fill more than just a position with his company when Josh Landau comes in for his interview. Josh needs the job and is willing to do whatever, or whoever, he needs in order to get the position. Travis decides the boy needs to earn his respect by sucking on his cock. Josh goes down on him like it’s his last meal, before Travis takes the boy’s clothes off and gets down to real business. He buries his face in the boy’s ass and delivers a good rimming. Then Travis mounts up and slides his huge banana cock balls deep into Josh’s hole. The boss takes all he wants barebacking his young bottom on the couch, desk and even his office chair. Daddy then seals the deal with a massive cum load, which he shoves in Josh’s ass. This pushes Josh over the edge and his balls erupt in a sticky gooey mess of boy cum.

Blade Hunter & Cesar Xes

Cesar Xes is getting the bar ready to open when Blade Hunter walks in asking for directions to the sex club. Cesar jumps at the opportunity and offers up his ass for Daddy to bareback and breed. Daddy needs no directions as he lays Cesar along the back bar and slides his tongue up his ass. Cesar’s cock is rock hard so Blade helps himself to a big mouthful of the Latin boy’s fat uncut meat. Cesar returns the favor and soon Daddy decides to mount his bottom. Blade is soon shoving his fat cock all the way up the boy’s tight bubble butt ass. Then he turns Cesar onto his back and pumps his daddy meat feverishly until first Cesar lets loose with a huge load. Then Daddy cums all over Cesar’s hole, before pushing back in and breeding him.

Daemon Sadi & Donny Ray

Daemon Sadi has had a hard day at work and comes home to take his frustrations out on Donny Ray’s ass. Donnie is more than happy to relieve Daddy of his stress. He starts by removing his suit jacket and giving Daddy Daemon a shoulder massage. Soon Donny’s hands are on Daddy’s hard cock so he lets it out of the dress slacks and takes his monster cock into his mouth. Daddy is pleased and face fucks little Donny, until he is choking. Once the boy’s face is slobbering enough to coat his huge cock Daemon turns the boy over and rams it up Donny’s asshole. There is no stopping Daddy Daemon who barebacks his bottom boy nonstop. When Daddy’s balls can’t hold back he shoots a gusher of cum, which soaks the boy from shoulder to asshole. Then Daddy takes Donny in his arms and helps him unleash his own warm seed.

AJay Hunter & Chuck Collier

AJay Hunter gets called into the director’s office for having sex with male guests, and has no idea that his boss wants some for himself. When Director Chuck Collier presents the evidence against him, AJay quickly decides that he will do anything to keep his job. He unzips Chuck’s pants and goes down on his fat cock. Chuck throat fucks him good, and then throws AJay down for a bit of dick sucking himself. His naughty employee begs for the boss’s cock up his ass and Chuck takes over as the boss of his asshole. He slowly opens the boy’s hole, and then bareback fucks him deep and hard. Chuck stands him up, turns him over and lays him down, while he fucks the boy senseless. When AJay can’t take any more of Daddy’s dick, his boss kicks back and strokes his cum load out all over the boy’s face and open lips. Then, while the boss fingers his hole, AJay blows a load of his own, before having his sore jaws and used ass thrown out of the office.

Ethan Palmer & Dalton Dawg

Ethan Palmer needs an insurance appraisal on his piano but when he doesn’t have enough to pay Dalton Hawg he offers up his ass in exchange. Ethan begins by getting on his knees and taking Dalton’s enormous fat cock into his mouth. Dalton feeds the boy his cock and pushes his head down to make him suck on his balls. Then he turns Ethan onto the sofa and slides his tongue up Ethan’s eager fuck hole. After a thorough rimming, Dalton pushes his fat mushroom head into Ethan’s ass. As Ethan moans with painful pleasure, Dalton continues to push until his cock is buried deep in the boy. Once loosened up, Dalton bareback fucks his ass good and hard. Ethan then hops up on Daddy’s cock and starts riding. It’s more than Daddy Hawg can take and soon shoots his massive cum load everywhere. Ethan re-mounts and stokes a massive load of his own.

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