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Stripped, Tied, And Tickled

Stripped, Tied, And Tickled – DOWNLOAD

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Let your tickle fetish fantasies run wild with this kinky thrill ride of cute Asian twinks being stripped naked, tied, and tickled to the brink of insanity. This is definitely one to add to your Laughing Asians DVD collection!



Jeff, Gilbert, Argie

Gay Asian tickle fetish boy Jeff returns from a 3 year absence for some tickling fun on the rack. Gil and Argie are the sadistic ticklers that deliver hysterical laughter through their fingers and out of Jeff’s wide open mouth. Gil does the male feet tickling while Argie works on Jeff’s ticklish ribs and armpits. Then they switch and put him through the tickle finale that has him screaming for mercy.

Cyruz, Hunter, Idol

Cyruz returns for his first tickle torture session on the tickle rack. Hunter and Idol are the ticklers who put this chubby Asian boy through a laughter filled tickle fetish adventure!

T-Boy, Argie, Vahn

Cute twinky tickle boy “T-Boy” gets his turn to be tied down and tickled senseless. When we were strapping him down, he still had his shoes on and is cute little feet were ticklish right through the thin soles of his shoes! So we took a few minutes with shoes-on foot tickling. He was going nuts! I couldn’t help but wonder what it would do to him when tickled barefoot! And of course we found out! Argie and Vahn enjoyed tickling the hell out of this cute little Asian twink and I just had to step in at the end and have some foot tickling myself.

Jacob, Vahn, Ricky

We found a hot cute tickle boy! And you all know what we do with hot cute tickle boys! Jacob may not have much between his legs, but what he lacks in size he more than makes up for with SUPER TIGHT HOT BODY! We couldn’t wait to get this hot Asian boy cutie tied down. And once we did, it was boner producing tickle torture all the way!

Simon, Vahn

Introducing gorgeous hot and sexy Asian boy Simon Mercado. We discovered he has very ticklish feet. So Vahn had a field day with his sexy hot body and of course, spent plenty of time on those ticklish Asian boy feet to keep him laughing.

Jacob, Nishi

Everything about 19 year old Asian gay boy Nishi is cute. This very ticklish Asian twink was the tickle fetish play toy of hot Jacob, one of our new resident ticklers. Nishi wears shoes all the time, so his soles were super soft and flawless. And that means his feet were super ticklish. His Asian boy feet were irresistible, and off camera, I had to have a go at them myself. Nishi is strapped down on the bed spreadeagled and tickled relentlessly. His laughter was so cute and delightful, it fueled Jacob’s wiggling fingers throughout this entire gay tickling video.

Simon, Jacob Bantay

Back by popular demand, hot Asian boy Simon returns to Laughing Asians for his second bondage and tickling video. This time, tickled by our hot and sexy muscular Asian twink Jacob Bantay. Simon is placed spreadeagled on the bed with his ankles tied securely to the foot rail. Jacob starts by tickling his armpits and upper body, but he’s truly relishing those perfectly shaped, super smooth Asian male feet. It doesn’t take long before Jacob is working his tickling fingers down to Simon’s ticklish feet. Jacob teases him with the verbal taunting all the way through this hot gay tickling video.

Kenny Cruz, Jacob Bantay

The adorable Asian twink Kenny Cruz comes to Laughing Asians for a tickle fetish session. Kenny readily admits he is very ticklish. And for the male feet lovers, his feet were delightfully ticklish. We strapped Kenny down to the Laughing Asians tickling rack and Jacob and I launched our tickle attack on this gay Asian cutie. And boy did we get him laughing! I busted a nut 2 times just during editing this scene. I have a feeling this is going to be a favorite for many ticklephiles out there!

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