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It is Decadence time in the Big Easy and Victor Cody is determined to bring his own brand of Sexual Decadence to New Orleans. Things heat up quick when Victor brings the horny and sexy Tom Zahner back from his event at Rawhide and plows his tight little fuzzy ass full of cum. Its is sizzling hot bareback action when Jason Park is discovered naked in the courtyard and becomes an inferno with 7 explosive loads when Victor offers Cody Valentine's ass up to the crowd. Welcome to the hottest fuck festival on the planet.



Sweet n Easy

The Rawhide in New Orleans is packed with hot horny men there for Victor Cody’s Porno Daddy Party and young Tom Zahner is there looking for a hot pornstar daddy load of his own. When Victor steps outside to get some air Tom follows and offers up his little tight ass for the taking. It is an offer Victor cannot refuse so they head on over to Victors french quarter rental. They are hardly through the door before Victor gets a mouthful of Toms fat cock and is shoving his tongue up his little pink fuzzy asshole. After Tom gets a good taste of Victors cock he lifts his legs and gets his ass filled to. Victor stands him up in the bed bending him over as he relentlessly pounds his cock balls deep until finally he puts him doggy style and fills his ass with the porn star cum he was craving. Tom then mounts Victors freshly spent cock and soaks his chest in with a pool of his own cum.

Park n Load

It’s hot and the streets are packed when Jason Park slips away to a private courtyard and sheds his clothes only to find Sailor Blue stepping away to get a break from the noise. When Sailor discovers Jason is naked he moves right in for a good taste of Jason’e sweaty ass. It gets so heated that the tow of them can’t even get inside before Sailor is pumping his fat cock up Jason’s hungry hole. It just gets hotter as they fuck thier way indoors to the sofa where Sailor pounds Jason into a frenzy of nearly violent bareback action which erupts into a torrent of cum boiling up Jason’s sizzling hole.

Fast n furious

Lucky for Victor Cody that Jason Park doesn’t lock the bathroom door when he takes a piss and lucky for Jason that Victor needs takes a quick break from the Decadence festival and catches Jason naked in the bathroom. Victor wastes no time in getting his cock hard and getting his hard cock up Jasons slutty little ass. It is a furious fuck as Victor pumps a full load into Jason. Being the gentleman that he is Jason goes ass to mouth but the clean up is more than his own cock can handle. Victor being the gentleman that is he slurps down every drop and leaves Jason to finally piss in Privacy as he returns to the festival with the salty sweet taste of cum on his breath.

Invitation to Cum

It is Sexual Decadence in New Orleans and Victor Cody is throwing a fuck festival of his own with Cody Valentine’s ass as the main attraction. Cody lubes his ass and prepares to serve it up to any guest Victor wants him to give it to. William King is the first guest in line and shoves his raging boner into Cody’s mouth before his big cock helps its self to a huge helping of Cody’s hairy ass. He leaves a sticky cumfilled hole for the gargantous cock of Karl Frederick who has no mercy and pounds Cody’s little hole until his eyes are bulging out. By the time Jay Arricci arrives to the banquet, Cody’s tiny ass is already spilling over with mancum. The action continues into the evening as Travis Woods and Clark Kent turn him into a suck and fuck toy. Travis delivers a huge cumshot and shoves it in which leaves Clark Kent to breed his jizz slippery hole. Cole Sexton hears about the action and rushes in to clean up the pillage. He, then follows suit with a sweet, rythmic fuck and delicious load of his own left spilling from Cody’s frothy manhole. Alas, just when Cody thinks the fuck fest has ended, Victor Cody cums in and takes a party favor of his own.

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