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Scouting For Daddy

Scouting For Daddy – DOWNLOAD

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This collection of five hardcore bareback scenes will give you a totally different perspective on scouting. These are the stories of sexual encounters between not so innocent youth and their Daddy Scoutmasters and Park Rangers. Each is in an outdoor setting where cocks are sucked, asses are fucked raw and loads of cum gets pumped. Scouting is all about making men out of boys and for these young troopers there are plenty of rewards, but no merit badges.

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Lukas Novy, Jesse Jenkins & Leo Ocean

Our guys are off trekking and decide to stop and light a fire to cook with. The guys send Leo Ocean to build a fire but Leo is useless at it and can’t get it to light. Novy & Jenkins decide to teach Leo a lesson and make him suck their cocks, after which Jenkins lays Ocean down and fucks him hard. Next its Novy turn and Ocean is riding his hard like a true boy scout. Jenkins is still horny so he bends Ocean over and fucks the boy hard while Ocean sucks off Novy. First Novy cums into Oceans mouth, then Ocean himself cums after which Jenkins dumps his load onto Oceans smooth hole.


Jerry Kaytton & Leo Ocean

Young Leo Ocean is down at the canyon having a craft cigarette. Along comes Park Ranger Kaytton who spots young Ocean and is furious with him. He marches Ocean to a private spot and forces his cock down Oceans throat making him such his cock deep and hard. Next he fucks Ocean, one position, two positions then finally a third until Ocean blows his load everywhere. Next its the rangers turn and he blows his thick load into Oceans willing mouth.


Jerry Kaytton & Dick Casey

Dick Casey is down at the river and feeling very horny so decides to have a sneaky play with himself. Park Ranger Kaytton is out and spots him through the bushes. He walks come, “come with me” he tells Casey and its not long before these two horny guys are sucking each others cocks deep in the woods. Kaytton then bends Casey over and fucks his tight hole nice and hard. Then it’s Casey’s turn … and Kaytton is soon riding Casey’s thick cock. Kaytton is so horny that he quickly blows his load everywhere. Next its Casey’s turn and he shoots a bucketful of cum.


Eric Lenn & Tim Law

Scoutmaster Lenn and young Tim Law are putting up a tent ready. They soon finish and notice that the other scouts have all gone. Lenn takes his chance and his tongue is soon down Laws throat. Next Law is sucking his thick cock as well. Law is really horny by this time and so Lenn slides his thick cock into Law’s gaping hole. First its spoons, then Lenn fucks him up a tree and lastly Law rides Lenn’s cock. Law shoots his load while still on Lenn’s cock and Lenn is so horny that he pulls out and shoots his load with a hands free cumshot !


Eric Lenn & Ryan Torres

Scoutmaster Lenn is showing new scout Ryan Torres different plants and nature. The weather is changing so they finish up and head to Lenn’s office. Torres loves older men and soon his hands are wandering all over Lenn’s manly legs. The two horny guys suck each other and then Torres sits on Lenn’s cock and rides it nice and deep. Lenn then bends Torres over his desk and fucks him first doggie then on his back before unleashing a giant cumshot all over Torres. Torres finishes himself off.

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