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Need For Seed

Need For Seed – DOWNLOAD

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When their balls are aching and their asshole is twitching these cum hungry bareback sluts will do anything to satisfy their Need for Seed. An ensemble of 13 hot, horny men stroke it out, pound it out, pump it out, dump it, spill it, breed it and share it with one another. Need for Seed meets the demand that must be filled.



Black and Blew – Dameon Sadi & Rick Jagger

When a huge cock like Dameon Sadi’s gets hungry there is only one thing that will satisfy it and Rick Jagger has just the ass it will take. Dameon goes to work on Ricks mouth and skull fucks him until he is choking and gagging. When Dameon has had enough he turns Rick’s lilly white ass up and stuffs his tiny hole with a black cock so huge it leaves Rick whining and whimpering until he gets his cum sloppy hole filled with Dameon’s load.

Having a Blast – Rick Jagger & Travis Woods

Rick Jagger just can’t get enough of Travis Woods cock and Travis can’t get enough of Ricks wet hole. After a time of cock sucking and slobbering on Travis’s meat Rick gets into position and takes it balls deep. He gets pounded long and hard in one way and then another. It is all hardcore ass pounding action until finally Travis erupts with a gushing glob of man cream and leaves Rick with a massive cum sloppy hole.

Need for Seed – Casey Nation, Hector Duran & Jesie Mack

After answering a personal ad, Jesie Mack arrives to find Casey Nation on his hands and knees, ass lubed and waiting to be bred. Jesie wastes no time in sliding his huge cock into Casey’s hungry ass and pumping it deep and hard. Then Casey mounts that large cock and rides it like the last cock his hole might ever get. Finally Jesie turns him back over and delivers a massive load of sticky cum and works it deep up his ass. By the time Hector Duran arrives Casey is ready with his cum filled hole waiting for more. Hector quickly pumps his fat uncut cock up Casey’s needy hole until he deposits a load so massive that Casey’s cum sloppy hole just can’t contain it.

Sling Sloppy – Guy Sizemore, Jesie Mack & Ryan Masters

Guy Sizemore’s hole was aching for some raw action so he headed for the bath house where he meats up with Ryan Masters and Jesie Mack. Guys drops right to his knees and gets to work on Ryans 9 inch cock, licking and slurping and worshiping every inch as he takes it all the way down his throat. When Guy realizes Jesie is laying in the sling waiting to have his 9 inches serviced too, he eagerly obliges. Guy gets a good taste of Jesie’s tight hole then slides his own cock balls deep inside it. The guys take turn plowing Jesie’s ass until finally Guy gets his turn in the sling. Ryan plows him deep and steady until he blasts his creamy load into Guys willing gut. After close examination of Guys cum sloppy hole Jesie gets his cock up in his wet creamy hole. Ryan is so turned on watching that he blows a second load all over guys back which sends Jesie over the edge as he slops guys hole then shoves his thick white jiz right up Guy’s cum sloppy hole.

Sun & Stroke – Victor Cody

The warm tropical sun turns Victor on and when he feels it on his skin it doesn’t take him long to whip out that beautiful 8 inches of man cock and start caressing it. Things get hotter and hotter as Victor pounds out a thick protein rich load that will have you begging to slurp the sweat and cum from his belly.

Take It To The Limits – Coach Austin & Jake Norris

On a lazy afternoon Coach Austin comes in from the gym to find Jake Norris watching porn and stroking his cock so Coach takes the lead and Jake greedily follows. After some sweat licking and body worship Jake takes Coaches cock into his throat and until he can’t stand it any more and needs that meat up his eager ass. Coach pounds a load right of Jake then delivers a massive load of his own and gives Jake the messy cum sloppy hole he needs.

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