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My Daddy Spanks Me Down

My Daddy Spanks Me Down – DOWNLOAD

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This collection is all about mature men enjoying the company of silky smooth Latin boys, who prefer getting spanked before having bareback sex with their daddies. While most boys take raw cock up their skinny little butt, in one scene daddy assumes the position and gets his fat ass pounded. Either way, daddy always gets what he wants from his youthful barebacking companion. There’s no shortage of happy endings to these butt slapping, ass breeding, raw romps. So, grab this DVD now and enjoy all the hardcore dad and son action it has to offer.



Joris & Estaban

Description: Esteban has been a bad boy and daddy Joris needs to dish out some well-deserved discipline. It starts by stripping the boy out of his pants and laying him face down for a good spanking. Then the young man is presented with a big cock so suck on. The spanking continues, as daddy gets his stiff dick sucked, and doesn’t stop until that raw meat is firmly planted inside Esteban’s hairy hole. After riding that raw cock, the young man is put on all fours for a final round of bareback fucking that ends with an ass full of warm daddy cum.

Mateo and Ferdinand

Description: Mateo is a skinny and smooth Latin bad boy, who gets turned on when daddis spank him. Daddy Ferdinand is happy to strip the boy naked and bend him over his knee. With every slap on the butt Mateo takes his big dick gets harder. Then Ferdinand sucks on Mateo’s stiff monster before taking a raw ride on it. Mateo finishes this kinky bareback session with his daddy bent over in a chair getting fucked from behind.

Mater and Swan

Description: Swan is a kinky Latin boy who likes to get spanked before his daddy fucks him in the ass. In this case the skinny and smooth boy gets his butt smacked and rimmed by daddy Mater, before he’s given a monster cock to suck on. After doing his best to orally please Mater, the horny twink wraps those red cheeks around daddy’s stiff dick and takes a raw ride. The barebacking continues, as daddy fucks his young bottom doggie and ends up breeding his ass.

Mitch and Dimitri

Description: Slim and smooth Dimitri is a big dick bottom who enjoys a kinky butt slapping, before his Latin daddy fucks his young ass. Mitch gets out the paddle and delivers some nice firm whacks to the boy’s bare butt, before Dimitri takes daddy’s big cock in his mouth. The oral pleasuring soon has daddy ready to fuck and he takes his bottom boy from behind. The barebacking continues, with legs in the air, as Mitch fucks the cum out of his twink, while breeding him deep.

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1 hour 15 min


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