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We travel to Kenya, where the young guys are sexy, innocent, and horny for big black cock. This hardcore collection features bareback sex by real guys from the heart of Africa. In a land where gay sex is taboo, the pent up desires of these young guys explodes on screen. This is a rare look at defiant youth who can’t resist the touch of another guy, regardless of the danger it poses. Grab this must have addition for your black gay porn library and enjoy these sexy boys from Africa.



Mike & Bernard

The only two gay males in their village, Mike and Bernard have been drinking beer and decide to cool off with a shower. Turned on by Mike’s smooth twink body, Bernard starts to kiss him and reaches under his towel to stroke that huge black cock. Mike responds by going down on Bernard, stroking and sucking his monster. Mike tries to lower himself onto Bernard’s cock, but his ass is too tight. Bernard decides to let Mike fuck him, and having his ass pounded only makes Bernard want more. Mike kneels and Bernard fucks him doggy style. In the missionary position, Bernard’s massive cock disappears inside Mike, as his balls slap his smooth ass. Finally, the two lay side-by-side and start jacking off. Mike shoots all over his stomach, and then eats his seed. Bernard follows with an explosive cum shot that Mike quickly licks up.

Derik & Chalse

These lean and toned young African boys start in the shower, washing smooth ebony bodies and sucking each other’s big cock. Then the guys move the action to the bedroom, where the dick sucking continues. With big black cocks nice and hard, the two twink Kenyans are ready for some bareback fucking. Derick and Chalse pound away and it’s obvious that monster cock is hurting. Exhausted from a long raw fuck session, the two stroke each other off and spill their cum loads.

Hakim & Jomo

The two Arab boys start off kissing and making out on the bed. Hakim gets Jomo’s ass up in the air for a deep ass rimming, which opens the anal door. Then Hakim gets comfortable with Jomo’s raw cock by taking a ride on it. These two young guys are gain some sexual momentum as they switch from fucking, to sucking, and back to fucking. Jomo is getting off on Hakim’s moaning, while he bareback fucks his tight Arab ass. Finally, the boy needs a break, so the two flip and Jomo takes it up the ass. Hakim relentlessly pounds Jomo’s hole, keeping him moaning and groaning the entire time. Finally the boys reach their climax and pump out their warm cum loads.

Ronald & Milton

With lots of kissing and big cock sucking, Milton gets Ronald’s black cock rock hard and ready to fuck his black African ass bareback. Ronald manages to get that monster cock head of his pushed into Milton’s twink ass and fucks him in several positions, before the cum starts pumping. This is amateur black African bareback gay sex at its very best.


John is a super skinny young man and we get to watch this horny black African beat off. Kicked back on a bed, he pushes his pants down just enough to release his dick. Once he’s worked up a stiff one, John pulls his shirt up and pants off, before getting down to some determined stroking. Heading toward climax, the young man closes his eyes and enjoys a fantasy of sex with another guy. That takes him over the edge and his cum starts pumping.

Jay, Rony & Andrew

Andrew and Jay invite Rony to their apartment, wanting a taste of his cock and ass. Andrew releases Rony’s big black meat and goes down on it. Then Jay sucks Rony, while he services Andrew’s huge dick. Jay wants to get fucked and lowers himself onto Rony, while Andrew sucks his nipples, and Rony strokes his cock. Then Andrew takes his turn riding Rony bareback, as Jay strokes his dick. Andrew bends over the sofa and Rony’s ball slaps his ass, as he pounds deep into that black ass. Jay sucks on Andrew, while he bounces on Rony’s black cock. Then he lies on his side and Rony fucks him raw. Andrew shoots his cum all over Jay’s fingers and Jay licks it up. The smell of cum makes Rony unload on Andrew, and Jay licks his dripping dick clean. Finally, Jay jerks himself off, adding his own jizz to the mess.


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