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Homemade Series 4

Homemade Series 4 – DOWNLOAD

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Number four in this series is another collection of homemade audition videos our studio has received from guys hoping to make it to the big screen someday. Some will get called in, while others won’t, but we thought all of their amateur productions deserve an audience. Of course, no DVD would be complete without some action scenes in the mix, so we asked some of the guys to give it their best homemade shot and they did pretty good, all things considered. If you like amateur gay porn, with all its unprofessional flaws, this DVD has what you’re looking for.



Tiger Le and Calvin Collins

Calvin Collins joins Tiger Le, who suggests he try out his new Fleshjack jerk off sex toy. After warming him up with some cock sucking, Tiger slides it onto Calvin’s 8 inch dick and alternates between the toy and his own mouth, delivering some intense sensations to his boned up buddy. Then Calvin deep-throats Tiger’s 9 inches of meat, while stroking himself. Finally, the sensations are just too much for Calvin and he explodes into the toy.

Cole and Troy

Here is a hot homemade video of young Cole and Troy sucking dick, rimming ass, and fucking bareback on a sofa. You only need to watch a few minutes of their raw romp to know it’s a keeper. Of course, it just gets better as you watch it all the way to the end. The volume of cum they pump, after fucking raw in a variety of positions, is certainly worth the wait.

Hayden Taylor

This young and muscular stud sent us his homemade audition video and there’s a lot to look at and like. Once naked and hard he grabs a big dildo and that fine looking ass of his swallows every inch. With that big sex toy shoved up his butt, Hayden leans back and strokes out a nice cum load onto his belly and pubes.

Zeak King

Zeak King’s audition video starts with him on his bed showing us his asshole. Then he kicks back and starts stroking up a stiff one. Once this young man has a boner, he gets up on his knees to stroke out his load. It’s obvious this muscular young man is enjoying his time in front of the camera, and it doesn’t take long before that excitement pushes him over the edge and the cum starts pumping.

Adam Ross

Adam Ross is a slim and inked young man who starts his audition video already stripped down to the undies and seated on his sofa. The underwear is pushed down, and with the aid of some lube, he’s soon sporting a big boner. After jacking off for a while, Adam grabs a Fleshjack and continues pleasuring himself. Then, once the clear sex toy has done its job, he takes big cock in hand and strokes out his cum load.

Damian Fox

This buffed out young man has a beautiful body and a masculine look, with that beard and hairy chest. He’s packing a big uncut cock that gets stiff in his hand, as he beats off for the camera. Edging himself toward climax, Damian finally reaches the point of no return and ends up with fresh cum dripping off his fingers.

River Wilson

This slim and smooth young black man has a beautiful buffed out body and those glasses give him a more intellectual look. River Wilson is definitely hotter when he’s naked, and as things progress we see he’s packing a big cock between his legs. He rolls around on the bed, stroking it with determination, and occasionally fingering ass along the way. Then the moment arrives and his tummy ends up splattered in cum.

Julian Haze

Already stripped to his underwear and sox, Julian is on the bed and groping at his package, before stripping the undies off and grabbing a jerk off sex toy to stroke his boner. The super-slim boy gives us a look at his big stiff dick and then goes back to the business at hand. With porn playing on his phone, for added stimulation, it isn’t long before this horny young man is pumping his cum all over himself.

Anton Marceau

A while back Anton Marceau sent us one of his webcam cybersex videos. The quality wasn’t that great, but it served its purpose as an audition video. We just got this video from him and it’s not very different from the first. Still poor quality, and shot in the same room. So basically it’s like a rerun of him stroking that big dick of his. Nice cum shot at the end!

Brian Bonerz (bh664)

While watching a porn video, Brian kicks back, pushes his pants down and pulls his stiff dick out the fly of his boxers. After a little stroking he pushes the underwear down to release his balls. Paying close attention to the porn that’s playing the young man eventually reaches climax. Then he moves in close to his camera to show the cum that’s on his belly and dripping from his fingers.

Calvin Collins (hb668)

Stripped to his underwear, Calvin is on his bed with a big dildo. He plays with his dick and sucks the sex toy, before getting naked and taking that big plastic cock up his skinny ebony ass. While bouncing up and down on the dildo, Calvin keeps one hand busy stroking his dark meat. Eventually the anal stimulation takes him over the edge and h’s left with cum dripping off his fingers.

Chris Coleman (hb670)

Filmed in black and white, Chris is in a public bathroom to show us his stuff. Already sporting a big boner, he drops his shorts to reveal a beautiful dick and fine looking ebony butt. The daring young man is all over the bathroom, as he strokes that big black cock of his. Eventually, he moves into a stall and takes a seat to stroke out his cum load.

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