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Homemade Series 2

Homemade Series 2 – DOWNLOAD

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This is a selection of homemade audition videos made by young guys trying to get a part in a studio produced movie. We get a lot of these and decided to put a bunch of them together for those who enjoy amateur gay sex videos. Also in the mix are three hardcore barebacking scenes that we had the guys make at home, so we could include some action, but keep it all amateur produced. This is the second in a series that's sure to get the juices pumping with all of you amateur gay porn fans.



Andy Rich & His Daddy (hb658)

When asked to shoot a homemade barebacking scene for us, Andy enlisted the help of a daddy to fuck his young ass. It opens with him wearing only a jock and socks, as his daddy moves in to give him an ass licking. A dick sucking and rimming exchange follows, until Andy hops on for a raw ride. Then daddy fucks, sucks, rims and fingers the cum out of Andy.

Jason Fucks Julian Haze (hb662)

After watching his solo we just had to see little Julian get fucked, so we asked and this is what he and friend Jason made. Muscular and mature Jason hops in bed with skinny twink Julian and it isn’t long before the two are naked and exchanging head. After a long oral session, little Julian hops on his mature top’s cock for a raw ride, and ends up getting fucked all over that bed, before sucking the cum out of Jason’s big fat dick. When Jason cums, he roars like a fucking apocalypse! Well….that was different.

Beau, Chris and Seth

Inked boyfriends Chris and Seth are joined by Beau for a hardcore barebacking threesome. After some dick sucking and ass licking, the boys make Beau their meat in the middle, as one takes that ass while the other enjoys his lips. The guys take turns at each end, as Beau enjoys getting his holes filled with big stiff, and raw, cock. Once the two have had their fill of fucking face and barebacking ass, Beau ends up wearing both of their cum loads and has jizz oozing from his well fucked hole.

Lucas Prescott

The star of the show is that big uncut cock swinging between the legs of this skinny Latin twink. Lucas hops in the shower and soaps up his naked body, then sits on the edge of the tube to stroke the cum out of that monster cock of his. There’s no guessing as to why this young man believes he has what it takes to be a porn star.

Robbie Callahan

With all those tattoos, Robbie definitely has the bad boy look going on and we get to see all of his body art, as the camera moves in close, while he gets naked. Once that dick pops out of his underwear, Robbie goes right to work stroking up a boner. What follows is a hot jerk off that keeps him on the edge of his bed and us on the edge of our seat.

Cole Summers

Here is a hot audition video of young Cole Summers teasing and stroking. His shirt stays on the entire time and he does a great job of the cock and balls hanging out the leg of his underwear thing, before finally taking them off and stroking in earnest. At one point he gives us a good look at his butt, which may not be the most flattering part of his anatomy, but it’s the thought that counts. Seated, he strokes with determination until his cum load starts pumping.

Chris Coleman

Chris Coleman is quick to pull his pants down and show us he’s already boned up. The shirt follows and he’s soon standing in front of us naked and hard. With the help of some lube and a jerk off toy, this young black man pleasures himself in the bath room and doesn’t stop stroking that monster cock, until his leg is splattered with fresh warm cum.

Brian Bonerz

Handsome young Brian Bonerz is in his bedroom watching porn on the bed, as he begins to work himself stiff. Suddenly, a big cock pops out the fly of his boxers, and he starts stroking, while occasionally glancing at the porn playing on his laptop. With boxers pushed down just enough to free cock and balls, Brian beats his meat in earnest and soon enjoys the climax he’s been chasing. He finishes his homemade video with cum dripping down his fingers and breathing heavy.

Raul Mendez

Raul Mendez is a slim and smooth Latin twink, with a buff body and fine looking little butt. Once naked, he grabs hold of his dick and begins working it stiff. Standing for most of his jerk off session, we get to enjoy a full view of that sexy body, as he strokes that mushroom head cock of his. Finally, the young cums in his free hand, before enjoying a taste of his freshly squeezed seed.

Calvin Collins

Calvin Collins is a slim and smooth black guy, who has hopped in the shower so we can enjoy a full body view of him naked and jacking off. The young man soaps and strokes and in no time his big dick is rock hard and ready for more attention. After a rinse and toweling off, Calvin takes a seat and lubes up. With the help of a jerk off sex toy, he works his cock to a cum pumping finish that leaves his fingers dripping in warm seed.

Julian Haze (hb650)

Julian Haze is pretty in pink, as he opens his homemade video wearing a shirt and sexy undies. After some teasing, the skinny and smooth twink strips naked, kicks back, and works up a boner. He gives his big dick a good work out, with the help of a Fleshjack, before finally taking matters in hand and pumping out a cum gusher that covers tummy, chest and lips!

Houston Cummings (hb656)

Houston rolls around on his bed sniffing poppers, before grabbing a vibrating anal sex toy and shoving it up his butt. The actual jerking off and cum shot are more of an ending to a very long tease that he apparently thinks is what viewers are wanting. He does seem pleased with the results, but it’s pretty clear this young man prefers a cock up his ass to jerking off. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but porn star in the making he’s not.

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