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Homemade Series 1

Homemade Series 1 – DOWNLOAD

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This collection of videos was made by young guys hoping to get a part in a studio produced movie. It would be a shame to let all these homemade auditions go to waste, so we put a bunch of them together for fans of truly amateur produced gay porn. Also in the mix are a couple of hardcore barebacking scenes that were homemade at our request so we could include some action with the solos. If you enjoy watching guys trying to be future porn stars, and all the innocent flaws that come with it, this is a must addition to your library of lust.



Calvin, Raul and Tiger

This amateur produced scene opens with Calvin Collins and Raul Mendez hanging out on the sofa and talking about sex. Before long they’re making out and stripping the clothes off each other. By the time Raul has his lips wrapped around Calvin’s cock Tiger Le walks in to make it a threesome. It isn’t long before Tiger has his big stiff dick stuffed up Raul’s tight little hole. Then it’s Calvin’s turn to bareback fuck the boy, while Tiger slaps his cock on Raul’s face. Finally, Tiger blows his load on Calvin’s face, while he’s fucking Raul, who ends up getting his ass filled with cum.

Cole Summers and Evan Watson

After receiving a solo audition video from him, we asked Cole Summers if he’d take it to the next level and send us a homemade barebacking video with Evan Watson. The result opens with the guys in their underwear, getting each other stiff. Eventually they remove their shorts for a hot oral exchange, before Cole lubes his buddy and takes a ride on Evan’s hard cock. The two fuck until both are ready to stroke out their cum loads.

Nick Guerrero

Young, hung and muscular Dominican boy Nick Guerrero kicks back on the bed, massaging himself through his spandex shorts. His massive dick and balls are clearly outlined in the material, as the 21 year old Latino explores his sexy body. Soon the shorts are off and Nick strokes his cock until its rock hard, followed by a nice big load of warm cum.

Chris Coleman

Ebony stud Chris Coleman sent us this homemade audition video, of him beating off. The young black man delivers a hot stroke show that starts with his big cock hanging out the leg of his shorts. Then, with the pants removed, and some lube applied, Chris gets down to the business at hand and soon has that big meat stiff and ready for stroking. A bit of fingering along the way eventually has him pumping out a cum load, all over his leg.

Donne D

Donne D is a cute ebony guy, with a big cock. In this audition video he wastes little time shoving it inside a fleshjack, while still wearing his underwear. We get a good look at his beautiful black butt, as he fingers himself for added stimulation. Then, with the sex toy discarded, Donne takes stiff dick in hand and strokes with determination, until finally reaching climax. He finishes his homemade porn movie by licking the fresh cum off his fingers.


Ant is a slim and smooth twink, with that boy next door look, until the shirt peels off revealing an inked chest. He pushes his shorts down just enough to give us a peek at his fine looking little butt and big uncut cock. Then he strips naked and begins working on a stiff one. A little fingering helps him get his cock hard and then he’s all about reaching climax. An intense jerk off follows, ending with cum dripping off his fingers and pooling on those shaved pubes.

Tre Royal

Tre Royal is a sexy black guy, with a slim and smooth body, fine looking little ass and very big dick. In this homemade solo audition scene, the young man strips out of his clothes and beats off. The hung stud is already getting hard; before he’s pulled his underwear off, and by the time Tre is naked it’s ready for stroking. Standing the entire time, he beats that monster meat, until it finally releases its load into his hand.

Cole Hardy

On the sofa, Cole Hardy has a porn video playing for added stimulation, as he slowly strips out of his clothes. He’s hard before the shirt comes of, and stroking with determination, once fully naked. Cole sure knows how to deliver a big finish, as he pumps out a ton of cum all over his belly, chest and neck. We think you will agree this audition went well.

Lucas Prescott

Little Lucas Prescott is in the bathroom, and this Latin twink quickly got our attention when he revealed his uncut monster. At first he stands to give us some great profiles of his huge cock. Then Lucas moves to the floor for a hot perspective, while beating his meat. Then he delivers the much anticipated cum shot, in the most convenient location to clean up the mess he’s made.

Alexio Duran

Alexio Duran wants to be a porn star and this is his homemade audition video he hopes will convince us he’s got what it takes. On a sofa, he starts stripping naked and we eventually get a good look at that hot ass, stretch marks and all. By the time Alexio is done jerking off, and licking his fingers clean, there’s cum all over his leg and some splattered up to his chest. He definitely scores in the cum shot department!

Damian Fox

Damian Fox starts by letting us watch him working out in the gym, before this audition scene moves to him sitting in the driver’s seat of his car. Stripped to his underwear, he pulls out his big dick and balls. Occasionally pausing to flex, he strokes his cock for the camera and eventually blows a cum load onto his stomach. Clearly this boy gets turned on by the risk of getting caught with his pants down.

Brian Bonerz (hb652)

Brian Bonerz starts off his homemade audition video in bed, with pants pushed down just enough to release his big stiff cock and balls. He starts stroking and then pauses briefly to remove one of the two shirts he’s wearing. That will be all the stripping of clothes this young man does during his solo stroke show. Obviously Brian is watching a porn video for added stimulation, and the end result is a few spurts up cum on his tummy.

Julian Haze (hb674)

Julian starts his homemade audition video already naked and rock hard. The skinny and smooth twink fucks a Fleshjack, while making sure to bend over and give us a look at his pretty back door. Then he cuts from kitchen to shower, where a big dildo is stuck to the wall. He backs his cute little butt onto it and then gets a taste of his ass juices, before grabbing his big dick and stroking out a load that drips off his fingers and onto the floor.

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