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Fuck Me Daddy Joris Vol2

Fuck Me Daddy Joris Vol2 – DOWNLOAD

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This collection features daddy Joris in four hardcore bareback encounters with twink and college age boys. There’s even a threesome, where daddy Andres shares the ass of a young man with Joris. By the time these mature men are done, each boy has fresh cum dripping from his asshole and a smile on his face. It’s dad and son raw action at its best, so make sure to add this DVD to your library of intergenerational lust.



Joris & Aiden

Joris and twink Aiden are making out on the sofa, and it isn’t long before the skinny and smooth young man is sucking on Daddy’s dick. Once he has Joris boned up, Aiden gets naked, so Daddy can lick his ass. Then Joris takes the boy from behind and starts barebacking that tight hole. A position change has the young man enjoying a raw ride, before he finds himself legs in the air and getting is hole filled with cum. Finally, the two sit side-by-side and Aiden beats off, while stroking Daddy’s big dick.

Joris, Andres & Cesar

Daddies Joris and Andres have little Cesar in their company, and they plan to fuck the skinny Latin twink. By the time all three are naked, Cesar is servicing the two mature men, as they stand over him. Then he takes a raw ride on Joris, while continuing to suck on Andres. Next, Andres takes a turn barebacking Cesar and two men continue trading positions, as they spit roast their cock hungry twink. Then Cesar kicks back and strokes out a cum gusher, before Andres breeds his skinny ass. Finally, Joris feeds the boy his cock and cums in his mouth.

Joris & Phil

Daddy Joris has young Phill in his bed room and he can’t wait to get in the boy’s pants. The two kiss, as their clothes strip off, and then Phill gets his first taste of that big mature cock. Eventually, daddy taps that Latin twinks ass, and bareback fucks the boy all over the bed. The last we see is fresh cum dripping from the young man’s well fucked hole.

Joris & Axel

Young Axel joins daddy Joris on the sofa and it isn’t long before the dad and son are kissing and groping. Once Daddy’s pants are around his ankles, Axel goes down on his big cock and gets it rock hard and ready for riding. The young man gets naked and hops on, while Joris enjoys watching the boy fuck himself. A position change has Daddy doing all the work, and Axel ends up getting bareback fucked legs in the air, as his ass is pumped full of cum. Finally, while still taking that dick, Axel shoots all over his smooth tummy.


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