Ebony XXXtasy


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Shot on location, in Africa, Ebony XXXtasy is a compilation of 6 scenes featuring hung black guys jacking off and fucking bareback. Travel to a part of the world where being gay is not tolerated, and comes with stiff penalties. This is a rare look at defiant youth, who lust for the touch of another guy, regardless of the risk. If you can't get enough of slim young guys with silky smooth ebony skin, this collection of solo and hardcore bareback action scenes is a must have in your library of lust.



Scene 1 – Max and Ben

We find young black Africans Max and Ben stripping each other out of their clothes, as they roll around on the bed making out. Ben wastes little time going down on his bed buddy, and it isn’t long before Max returns the favor with a long blowjob. The oral exchange continues, until Max is ready for some stiff cock up his ebony ass, and he ends up getting bareback fucked in a variety of positions. The buff top fucks Max silly, before both lie next to each other and stroke out their warm cum loads.

Scene 2 – Max

Max is a horny young African stud, who has parked his ebony ass on the sofa to jerk off. Shirtless, his big stiff dick pokes out the waist band of his pants and it isn’t long before this horny boy is naked and stroking. With each thrust of the hand, Max edges himself toward the much needed daily climax. Once there, his naked body tightens and fingers get covered in freshly squeezed cum.

Scene 3 – Peter, Abraham & Jackson

Black African twinks Peter, Abraham and Jackson gather on the sofa for a fun threesome raw sex orgy. The boys play around with each other until mouth finds cock and in no time everyone has enjoyed the taste of the other’s dick. After a long oral exchange, stiff cock finds willing holes and the trio bareback fuck in as many positions as their three-way will allow. By the time these slim and smooth ebony boys are done, each is splattered with warm cum.

Scene 4 – Solomon & Chalse

Black African twinks Solomon and Chalse wake to the urge for some morning sex, and it isn’t long before the boys are naked and making out. Solomon goes down on Chalse and sparks an oral exchange that soon has both young men rock hard and ready to fuck. Chalse gives up his fine looking ebony ass for a bareback pounding that has the boys enjoying a variety of positions. Eventually, the two lie next to each other for a cum pumping conclusion to their morning raw romp.

Scene 5 – Vic & Max

Max has cute little Vic on the sofa, with every intention of getting a piece of that African twink ass. While the two make out, their clothes strip off, and by the time they are naked, Max is enjoying Vic’s warm moist lips on his stiff cock. A long oral exchange follows, as the boys get each other warmed up for the bareback fucking that will follow. The horny guys make good use of that sofa, as Vic enjoys the raw ass pounding his top is delivering. In the end, the boys kiss and stroke out their warm cum loads.

Scene 6 – Vic

Vic would love to have sex with another boy, but the young black African finds himself alone in bed with a big boner. The horny twink takes matters into hand and in no time he’s naked and stroking his stiff cock. Porn plays on the computer, as the skinny and smooth ebony boy slides his fingers up and down on his throbbing meat. A little lube helps edge himself closer to the climax he’s chasing and eventually he is splattered with warm cum.


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