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Ebony Lust

Ebony Lust – DOWNLOAD

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This collection explores the encounters and fantasies of those who dare to be gay in a country where sex between males is forbidden. The action is explosive and raw, as these horny and defiant young Africans release their pent up sexual desires in steamy bareback fucking encounters. Some are only able to beat off, with the fantasy of having another young man in their arms. Others can’t resist the touch of another male and risk everything for a brief encounter with raw ecstasy. If you can’t get enough of slim young guys with silky smooth ebony skin, this collection of solo and hardcore scenes is a must have.




Emma is a skinny and smooth black African twink, and we get to watch as he strips naked and beats his big meat. Parked on his bed, the young man slowly removes the clothes and takes hold of his growing cock. By the time he is undressed the boy is sporting a big boner. A long stroke show follows that has Emma jacking off in several positions before finally lying on his back and splattering warm cum all over his tummy.

Emma and Johnson

We look in on Emma and Johnson, two slim and smooth black Africans, who can’t wait to get naked and play. Each enjoys a nice long taste of the other’s big cock, before Johnson plants his deep inside Emma’s young ass. A long bareback fuck session follows, as these horny guys try every position they can think of. Finally, the two lie side-by-side as Emma helps Johnson stroke out a cum gusher that splatters his belly.


Alex is a young black African that’s horny and wants to beat off. Stripped naked, from the waist down, the slim and smooth young man takes hold of his uncut dick and starts working on a stiff one. Once he’s boned up, Alex pulls off the shirt, gets up on his knees, adds some lube and starts stroking with determination. It isn’t long before cum is spewing from his cock and splattering the sheet.


John is a super skinny young man and we get to watch this horny black African jerk off. Kicked back on the bed, he pushes his pants down just enough to release his cock. Once he has a stiff one, John pulls his shirt up and pants off before getting down to some determined stroking. Heading toward climax, the young man closes his eyes and enjoys his fantasy of sex with another guy and that takes him over the cum pumping edge.


This black African boy lets us watch as he strips naked and hops in the shower. Then Johnson sits on the toilet and begins working up a stiff dick. Once he’s got that big cock of his boned up, a little lube is applied and he gets to work beating off. Johnson strokes that dark meat with determination and eventually pumps out a cum gusher that splatters the toilet seat between his legs.

Joseph and John

Black African twinks Joseph and John are seated on a sofa when lust takes over and the boys start kissing. It isn’t long before Joseph has a stiff cock in hand and then goes down on it. An oral exchange follows before John slides in and barebacks Joseph, legs in the air. After enjoying a piece of ebony ass, John gives his up for Joseph to fuck. This flip fucking raw romp comes to an end when both boys stroke out their cum loads.


Joseph is seated on a sofa and watching porn on his computer when he strips naked and lubes up. The black African twink quickly gets hard, as he strokes with one eye on the porn that’s playing. The young man really gets into himself and soon he’s approaching the point of no return. Then he abandons the porn and relies on his own fantasies to reach the climax he’s chasing. It isn’t long before this horny ebony boy is spilling warm cum onto his smooth belly.

Paul and Alex

Young black Africans Paul and Alex are in the bath room stripping each other naked, when we look in on them. Once the two are out of their clothes, Alex goes down on Paul. An oral exchange follows that has the boys sucking under the shower, before moving to the bed. After both have enjoyed a good taste of the other’s cock, Alex takes Paul from behind and bareback fucks his ebony ass all over that bed. Finally, the two kick back side-by-side and stroke out their cum loads.


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