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Dr Vahn Arjo

Dr. Vahn & Arjo – DOWNLOAD

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An Asian twink named Arjo has been kicked in the nuts and he’s hurting pretty badly. His friends call for a medic and Dr. Vahn responds to the call for help. Upon arrival, the kinky doctor gets right to work on diagnosing the injury and must administer first aid. Doctor Vahn performs mouth to cock resuscitation to get the cute Asian boy’s pain under control. Additionally, Dr. Vahn decides to give the injured Asian twink an enema with cold milk to reduce internal swelling. Unfortunately, the doctor has no lubricant, so he must lubricate the ass with his tongue. After Arjo has finished squirting the milk from his ass, Dr. Vahn must transport him to his office for further treatment. After coming to Asian twink Arjo’s rescue from an injury to his groin, Doctor Vahn and his big dick patient are continuing treatment in the Doctor’s office. Doctor Vahn must continue the kinky medical exam with his rectal dilator to check for internal swelling. He opens up his Asian twink patient’s hole and we get a close up look into his anus. The doctor probes around for tenderness, when out spills more of the milk from the enema. His patient is getting horny and so is the doctor. It’s determined that a good long bareback fucking should finish up the treatment.



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