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Daddy's Dirty Business

Daddy’s Dirty Business – DOWNLOAD

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Daddy Mike's gay Asian office boys always keep him hard at work. And when making business deals, he drives a hard bargain. And that's not the only hard thing he drives. Daddy usually seals the deal with a nice hard ass pounding.



Mike Reynolds, Jude

Daddy Mike has some good news for Jude, his cute new gay Asian office boy. He’s giving him a promotion! And Jude is very happy about that. In fact, he so happy he wants to show his gratitude in a very horny way. Jude has the hots for the boss, and has taken this opportunity to have an erotic gay sex adventure with him in the office. The cute Asian twink takes daddy’s cock out of his trousers and begins a blowjob. As things heat up, the daddy twink duo decide to have some dildo fucking time together until the cum shots start gushing.

Mike Reynolds, George

What do you do with an Asian twink who’s desperate for a job he’s not qualified for? Daddy Mike has plenty to do with him! George wants work bad enough he’s happy to suck daddy’s cock and get a damn good bareback fucking for it.

Mike Reynolds, Alex

Daddy and twink Alex have formed a business partnership and have come to seal the deal in his office. While shaking on the deal, both of them feel the attraction like no other time before during their negotiations. Now that they are partners, the walls come down and the cocks go up to consumate the partnership. Daddy pulls Alex toward him during the handshake and the interracial gay couple start kissing. Momentum takes over and soon daddy and twink are exchanging blowjobs. Daddy wants some ass play and finger fucks his Asian twink after a good ass rimming. Daddy spit lubes his cock and sticks it in Alex and they start bareback fucking on the conference table. The new partnership is off to a hot and horny start as the two take turns fucking each other until they blow their cum.

Mike Reynolds, Jordan

Jordan is the company accountant and he’s discovered a discrepency in Daddy Mike’s accounts. Jordan is a gay Asian twink and he has an insatiable attraction to Daddy Mike. So this is his opportunity to blackmail him for gay interracial sex. So he rings him up and daddy invites the Asian twink to his office to discuss the matter. Jordan promises to keep his mouth shut on the obvious embezzelment if Daddy Mike will agree to have gay bareback sex. Of course that is easy for Daddy, because he loves Asian twinks! So they lock the door and a wild gay sex adventure ensues.

Mike Reynolds, Josh

Daddy Mike is hard at work again and needs a mid-afternoon bareback fuck with one of the office boys. He’s in the mood for hot horny Josh, so the scene opens with Josh on Daddy’s lap as the daddy twink duo are lip locked and well underway. Down come the trousers as Daddy needs to rim that sweet brown Asian ass and prime it with some finger fucking. Now that the Asian gay boy is ready, Daddy plunges his hard cock in and starts pumping. As the gay sex encounter progresses, Daddy Mike let’s his horny Asian gay boy fuck him for a while then the two come to a full climax as they spill their cum at the same moment.

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