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Daddy’s Boy Massage

Daddy’s Boy Massage – DOWNLOAD

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It starts with a mature man enjoying a sensual massage from a boy half his age and ends up with the two bareback fucking on the massage table. A well placed hand lets daddy know the boy wants to play and an oral exchange follows, before stiff dick finds willing hole. If you enjoy watching dad and son hardcore gay sex, this collection is a must have for your library of lust.



Horatio & Evan

Daddy Horatio is in good hands as young Evan delivers a relaxing massage. When the boy reaches the mature man’s butt, Horatio flips over letting Evan know what he wants massaged next. The astute boy takes hold of that big uncut cock and starts working it, as he leans in for a kiss. Then, while sucking on Horatio’s stiff cock, Evan feels the man’s probing fingers in his ass. Evan knows daddy wants to fuck and hops on for a raw ride. Horatio ends up bareback fucking the cum out of the skinny and smooth bottom and then lets Evan have a taste of his own ass, as he cums in the boy’s mouth.

Joris & Alvin

Joris is on his belly enjoying the fingers of young Alvin when he suddenly feels a hand making its way south. It isn’t long before the massage has moved to the mature man’s cock and you don’t hear him complaining. Joris flips onto his back and the skinny twink continues with the handjob. Then Alvin bends down and takes that big daddy cock in his mouth. Joris reaches over and grabs hold of the twink’s growing dick and soon the two are enjoying a 69. Joris takes advantage of the position to rim the young man’s ass, and Alvin responds by taking every inch of the man’s big dick up his skinny ass. The bareback fucking continues, with Alvin bent over the table and we get some good close-ups of the anal action and ass breeding that follows.

Mater & Frankie

We look in on young Frankie as he prepares to give the more mature Mater a sensual massage. Frankie has a thing for older guys and quickly makes it clear this session is going to include more than a back rub. The boy massages Mater’s big cock and then goes down on it. While sucking that dick Frankie can feel his asshole being probed, signaling the end of oral. He bends over the massage table and Mater fucks his skinny ass from behind. Frankie takes every inch of that big stiff dick and then the two pause for some ass licking and wet cock sucking. Finally, with Frankie face down on the table, Mater delivers one last round of barebacking massage, before its time to hit the showers.

Wilson & Ferdinand

Latin twink Wilson has daddy Ferdinand on the massage table and can’t resist slipping a finger up the mature man’s ass. Ferdinand responds by reaching for the boy’s cock and soon he’s sucking on it. Daddy flips onto his back and the two enjoy an oral exchange, before the skinny and smooth boy pushes his stiff dick deep inside Ferdinand’s cock hungry hole. The young man bareback fucks Ferdinand in several positions and ends up filling that fat ass with his cum load.


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