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Daddy Mike is a busy man with a big “to do” list. With so many gay Asian twinks hanging around, there’s never a shortage of Asian boys to do. So Daddy checks his list to happily discover he’s got a busy week! Big Dick Arjo, Nishi, Russel, Marcon, and Gilbert are all waiting for their number to cum up on Daddy’s Do Me list!



Mike Reynolds, Arjo

Yes, Big Dick Arjo gets his “cumuppance” after fucking so many gay Asian boys with that huge Asian cock of his. Daddy don’t bottom so Arjo gets to take it in the ass this time. Arjo was a reluctant bottom boy, but that just makes daddy twink sex all the more exciting. I really had to discipline this boy a few times. He had to learn that daddy likes to fuck hard and fast. So after a nice long ass rimming and finger fucking session, I gave him the lesson. Bareback fucking this slim Asian twink was challenging, but exciting. Boy was he glad it was over. And we layed side by side and wanked out our loads together.

Mike Reynolds, Nishi

Of all the cute little gay Asian boys I have fucked, Nishi is definitely in my top 10. This sweet little submissive bottom boy loves to be dominated by his daddy. And when I want to tie him up and tickle him, he loves it. When I want to lick is feet, he wants it. When I want to bareback fuck his Asian twink ass, he is in heaven. I really had an erotic good time with this cute Asian boy.

Mike Reynolds, Russel, Nishi

These two gay Asian boys wanted some play time together with daddy for some interracial gay sex. And when Russel and Nishi want to fuck, I’m right there. Having such a huge foot fetish and tickling fetish, I had to get in the mood with some fetish play. Once the two Asian boys satisfied my kinky fetish, we got down to the oral sex. One thing I love is ass play. I love rimming these boy’s smooth holes then finger fucking those tight twink asses. These to gorgeous twinks had my cock so hard I had to get to the bareback fucking. I stacked their sweet asses one on top of the other and started drilling some twink ass daddy style. First one, then the other. This daddy twink threesome had me boned up the whole time, and for a change, I wanted to get a mouthful of their cum.

Mike Reynolds, Marcon

It’s hard for this daddy to get any chores done around the house when you have a horny Asian twink hanging around. Marcon loves the interracial gay sex thing we got going on. I swear we just had bareback sex a few hours ago, and while I’m trying to get things cleaned up, he’s on me again to fuck his Asian boy ass. And how could I resist? So off to the bedroom again for some more ass play, cock sucking and bareback fucking. A daddy’s work is never done!

Mike Reynolds, Gilbert

To this day, Gilbert holds the #1 position of hottest Asian twink ass out of all my boys. He still calls me daddy after being my buddy for nearly a decade. I love the boy dearly, and my lust for him has never wavered. Gilbert is a passionate love maker, and luckily he loves my raw white daddy cock. And Gilbert’s Asian boy cock is as perfect as his ass. So I spent plenty of time feasting on both. After ass rimming and finger fucking this lovely Asian boy, I was excited to bareback fuck that ass once again. Gilbert takes a lot of joy in giving his daddy a memorable gay sex experience. And he sure knows how to get my cum shooting!

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