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Cum Bond With Me

Cum Bond With Me – DOWNLOAD

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For those who like a little kink in the mix, this lite bondage collection, featuring cute young Latinos, is a great addition for your library. Packed with slim and smooth twinks and college age boys, this hardcore collection has all the dick sucking and bareback fucking you’d expect. There’s even a hot daisy chain fucking threesome to get your juices pumping. And no scene would be complete without plenty of cum gushing climaxes. Grab it now and enjoy all the jaw dropping eye candy this DVD has to offer.



Andreas and Calvin

Bound and hanging from a rope, shirtless Andreas is in the hands of Calvin. He pushes the boy’s pants down to expose his butt and gives Andreas a good paddling. Then Calvin spreads those rosy red cheeks to expose a cock hungry hole. He shoves a dildo in and fucks Andreas with it, until replacing the sex toy with his big stiff cock. After getting barebacked, Andreas is released to suck on Calvin’s dirty cock, before hopping on for a raw ride. Finally, Andreas sits and strokes out a load, while getting his face covered in Calvin’s cum.

Dave and Sonny

Dave puts a collar and leash on shirtless Sonny and soon has the boy on all fours, with his pants down, for a paddling. After smacking Sonny until his butt cheeks glow red, Dave strips to his underwear and makes the skinny twink suck on his big cock. Once boned up and naked, Dave gets Sonny back on all fours and slides in from behind. He bareback fucks the boy, while keeping a tight rein on that leash. Then, with legs in the air, Sonny takes a deep ass pounding until the cum starts pumping.

Sly and Chase

Shirtless Sly gets Chase stripped down to his jock strap, before putting a collar and leash on him. Then he gets naked, so Chase can suck on his big dick. All boned up, Sly makes Chase hop on his cock for a raw ride. Then he takes the boy from behind, while both are standing. One final round of bareback fucking, has Chase bent over for a deep pounding, before the two release their cum loads.

Will, Cesar and Diego

In this kinky threesome, Will is in charge and wastes little time getting Cesar and Diego naked for his pleasure. Fully dressed, Will enjoys watching as he makes each boy take a turn sucking on the other’s big dick. Then Will pulls his shirt off and drops his pants enough so the naked boys can suck his big cock. Next, Will watches, as he makes Diego doggy fuck Cesar. Then Will takes Diego from behind and barebacks his skinny Latin ass, while Cesar sucks the boy’s cock. A position change has Cesar on the bottom and Will at the rear of a daisy chain fuck. Will continues to fuck the two boys, until Cesar finds himself on his back wearing three cum loads.


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