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Asian cuties Vahn and Benjamin star in this collection of intense bareback fucking scenes. These two Asian twinks invite their bareback fuck buddies to cum inside so they can make a pie.



Jack & Vahn

It doesn’t matter to gay Asian boy Vahn Valdez if his bareback sex buddy is gay or str8. Just as long as he’s willing to give him a raw fucking experience. Today Vahn brings home a str8 Asian boy who he seduced with the gay 4 pay seduction method he uses when he’s feeling like a horny gay Asian twink. Well that happens almost every day! Jack is the lucky recipient of Vahn’s gay seduction money today. And Vahn is the lucky recipient of Jack’s bareback cock up his ass. Jack gives Vahn his money’s worth by pounding his ass hard for a good long time. When he’s ready to blow his load, he quickly pulls out, we see a squirt of his cum load, and immediately shoves it back into Vahn’s gaping hole to finish unloading inside. Then we see a close up of Vahn’s gaping raw hole as he pushes the white flowing jizz out for a lovely cream pie conclusion.

Niko & Benjamin

Niko is one hot little Asian boy fucker with a perfect toned body and bubble ass. Although he is str8, the smell of money makes him gay 4 pay and he’ll fuck anything. Fortunately he’s lucky enough to be fucking the cute gay Asian twink Benjamin in this hot bareback fucking scene. Benjamin gets Nikos juices flowing with plenty of cock sucking and ass rimming. And Niko rewards him with a hearty ass pounding and cream pie for dessert.

Gilbert & Vahn

Two cute, smooth gay Asian cuties Gil and Vahn hook up and head upstairs for an afternoon of horny raw fucking. Vahn loves ass rimming and takes his time savoring Gil’s perfectly smooth bubble ass and hole with his tongue. Gil has a beautiful Asian cock, perfectly curved up and hard as a rock as Vahn thoroughly sucks it deep down in his throat. The cute Asian boys enjoy some 69 action and when they are fully horned up, Gil mounts Vahn’s long straight cock and rides it bareback. Then after pounding Gil’s ass in a couple more positions, they switch and Gil returns the ass pounding with double intensity. “It hurts!” says Vahn, but with a smile on his face. This gay Asian twink loves a painful fuck. Gilbert seems to be really getting off on Vahn’s pain so he starts pounding harder and faster. Gil unleashes his load right inside Vahn’s fucked raw ass then Vahn concludes the scene with an oozing cream pie.

Derik & Vahn

Vahn is a versatile gay Asian twink who, when playing the bottom boy, loves the pain of a hearty bareback fuck. And it’s even better with a super sexy good looking str8 guy. Derik is all that. And he seems to enjoy it more (just watch for the smirk on his face while Vahn is wincing in pain), when his fat raw Asian cock is producing grunts and moans of pain. After Derik has thoroughly drilled Vahn’s ass, he cums to climax and pumps his load right in Vahn’s worn out hole so Vahn can deliver a tasty cream pie finish.

Danilo & Benjamin

Handsome Asian boy Danilo lays in slumber as day breaks. His Asian twink room mate Benjamin arrives home from working the graveyard shift and he’s tired but horny as hell. How can he resist that handsome boy laying there looking all sexy in his briefs? He’ll soon wake up and prepare himself for his workday, so Benjamin only has a small window of time to take the opportunity to finally suck Danilo’s cock while he’s still asleep. This is something he’s wanted to do since they became room mates. He musters up the courage and starts playing with his cock. He finally gets to blow job his room mate. But Danilo wakes up and relizes what’s happening is not a dream! But he’s enjoying it too much, so he allows the cock sucking to continue. Soon the Asian boys are fucking bareback. But time is of the essence and Danilo has to get in the shower so he’s not late for work. So they continue with shower sex as Danilo pounds Benjamin’s twink ass with his raw cock. After they’re showered and bareback fucked, they finish up where they started and Danilo releases his load inside his room mate’s ass. Then Benjamin offers him his cream pie to finish things off.


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